Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today was one of those days that I predicted all wrong. I thought it was going to be some how uncomfortable, frustrating or unpleasant.. my mood was slightly negative and I felt tired. Honestly, I just wanted to get through it- thinking back on it now- I think my attitude developed in direct correlation to my feeling of insecurity and inability. Too me, fear is one of the worst feelings to have. Now, never today did I have 'fear', but, I did expect to have discomfort. But, I didn't. It's just that simple, I had imagined the day all wrong. I had questioned myself, other people around me, and my atmosphere all wrong. And was pleasantly surprised.
Instead of struggling through every single Ukrainian letter, word or phrase I actually managed to memorize the Ukrainian alphabet, and pronounce half the words correctly. My judgment prior to starting Ukrainian lessons was that I was going to fail miserably (maybe I still will), because I had had a bad experience trying to learn a new language before. But, I also realize maybe I didn't have very much dedication then, and wasn't living in a foreign country! Haha.
I was determined to read a book on the history of Ukraine and thought- oh great, I am never going to understand this book.. I am horrible at history. So, I pulled out the book, and thought I would have to try my hardest, take notes, and understand at least half of it. But, then again, I was wrong. I actually started to really enjoy the stories in the book, and found most things quite interesting. It also provided me with more understanding to how Ukraine developed.. which is obviously the point of the assigned reading. :)
And finally, I got the opportunity to go visit some English classes. And it was so great! The teachers and students were so friendly, funny, and are always attentive to an English speaker. I am never going to get used to that... that learning a different language is so desired, and to talk to some one who is a native English speaker is a great opportunity to learn. I understand that English is a very resourceful language to know, it's becoming so universal- and therefore I am pretty lucky to have it as my native tongue.
Anyways, I anticipated perhaps some awkwardness, or that I would run out of things to say (though, that isn't usually a problem for me, ha), or whatever! But, it was so fun, and the students were so great in there English, it's so impressive.
I think one of the biggest blessings I have here is that people are so open to get to know me. Tonight after the English lesson a girl, who is almost fluent in English, came up to me and asked for my cell phone number, so that I could call her and we could just go out together, or she could show me around. It's really nice having that kind of invitation in a new place.. I really appreciate those moments.

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  1. Hi Jodi! Thanks for telling us about your blog! I'm glad to hear that the unpleasant day you were expecting turned out to be a good day. May God bless you with many more! =) Stan & family