Monday, October 17, 2011

"I only speak English"

I only speak English, I can't even boast of knowing French- the other language of Canada.
It seems like many people I meet here know multiple languages, much of this comes from a variety of languages being in every day use here. But anytime I hear someone speak English I realize how lucky I am to have grown up in a English speaking country- because much of the world is starting to learn English.. some know grammar better than I.
So, I admit, the language barrier is hard for me.. to not be able to communicate is kind of sad for me- it's not part of my personality to be quiet. But, I know that I will learn some Ukrainian words and be able to communicate at least more then now, ha.
Pus, it is wonderful that some people do know English.
I met two girls who came to the youth night, and they knew English quite well, and I really enjoyed talking to them... I can see myself building a relationship with them and hope to see them at future youth nights.
Oh, the first youth night! Right.. I should update on that. It went okay.. there wasn't too many youth, but, hopefully and prayerfully more will come in the future. Other than that, I just had an introductory meet. Showed pictures from home.. told a bit about myself, and then we played a game.
I really hope to have part of the youth nights be a time of Bible Studies.. but, I also know the language barrier will be a huge obstacle. Also, there is a variety of church backgrounds. But, I am determined to give it a try, and see where it leads us!
Other than that- I went to my first church service on Sunday. It was nice- Sarah translated the Russian sermon for me. I also got to meet some of the members, and even if there is a language barrier, they all seemed welcoming!
Today was the first time I ventured around the town center by myself- I feel like I have a decent idea of how Mukachevo runs. And had my first interesting experience with an older man sitting on the bench beside me trying to figure out where I was from, and intrigued that I spoke English.. we had a conversation that when I reflect on realize I have no idea what was being said.
I thought I would also post some more pictures.. some are of the town, others of my apartment repairs, and lastly a great shot of Matthew and Elizabeth!

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