Friday, October 14, 2011

Planting a Seed.

Hello readers!
First off, if you are reading this you are most likely one of my supporters and have encouraged me in my journey to and in Ukraine. So, first I want to say a HUGE thank you once more to all those who have said a kind word, donated financially, and prayed for me.
I left for Ukraine October 10th at 5:30 AM British Columbia time and got to the de Vuyst home on October 11th 8:30 PM Ukrainian time. It was a long trip, but it went fast as my imagination ran wild with thoughts of what my life would be like in the following hours. One hour past after an hour, and prayerfully my nerves stayed in tact!
From Prince George to Vancouver to Frankfurt (that was a longggg flight!) to Budapest. I then meet up with George (I work alongside him and his missionary family) at the airport and traveled the few hours to the Ukrainian border and eventually made it to Mukachevo!
By the time I made it to Mukachevo my head has drooping, my eyes struggling to stay open- but the excitement of the de Vuyst kids- Abilgail, Matthew and Elizabeth- along with Sarah were up waiting for my arrival. It was wonderful to be able to eat a meal with the family and get to know them immediately. Heading to bed every night seems backwards to me because I feel quite awake- being 10 hours different!
I have spent the last few days living with the de Vuyst family, seeing different parts of Mukachevo, meeting local people and this morning I attended Women's English Book club. The center of Mukachevo is interesting- with bright colored buildings, cobble stone like roads- which is pedestrian zone only.. which is great! The streets are filled with shops, food markets and churches. I love European architecture and the center of Mukachevo fulfills that!
I met my room mate- Csilla on Wednesday night. I absolutely loved meeting here and immediately enjoyed her company. She is sweet, funny and a great conversationalist, and fluent in English! I am so excited to live with her, after our flat is repaired in the next week. I asked God for the possibility of a room mate, and feel so completely blessed to have the chance to live with Csilla. He really answered my prayers. :)
Tonight is my first youth night at Mukachevo CRC.. I am excited, nervous, ready! I ask myself a lot of questions, but know I won't know the answers until I experience the group. I pray for God's guidance, wisdom and confidence. On the schedule? Some ice breaker games, introductions, discussion and socializing!
A friend shared this verse with me the other day when I mentioned my concerns for my leadership here and she presented me with this
"Jodi, if I could give you any advice... in reading 1 Corinthians 3:6.... "I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.... " we need to learn to trust that we are given opportunities to "plant seeds" and trust that God will make them grow... we may not always see the results of our planting, but know that God has prepared the soil ... we plant the seed... and God will nurture the growth!!!"
I ask for your continued prayers! I have felt the prayers being raised in my behalf, and I am so blessed! I am praying for you as well.. a close friend of mine writes email prayer updates.. and I would like to do the same by including them in my monthly missions updates, as well, I would like to know if you have a prayer request.. so I can pray more specifically for you. Feel free to email, fb, or call me! I believe in the power of a praying community.
I will be sending out email, and physical copies of my missionary updates every month.
I'll attach some photos of my trip thus far!
More later :)


  1. Jodi so glad to hear you made it safely. Blessings to you as you begin your work there.

  2. Jodi wow lots that you said i'll be praying for you my friend God bless you
    Take care